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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

For 9 CMCH students, seven months of diligent study came full circle this past month at the final round of the annual International Chidon Hamitzvos in Brooklyn, New York. Of about 10,000 children from over 150 schools worldwide these 9 CMCH students earned high scores on three rigorous tests, qualifying them for a trip to Brooklyn to participate in the final tournament.

The Rebbe encouraged children to study all of the Torah’s 613 Mitzvos as enumerated by the Rambam in his Sefer HaMitzvos. The International Chidon challenges children to study large amounts of detailed texts delving into the intricacies of each mitzvah.

The finalists flew into NY where they enjoyed four days of exciting trips and competitive games that tested their knowledge. The weekend came to an end with a grand on-stage game show and award ceremony.

We are so proud to of our finalists, Yaffa Antopolsky, Batsheva Chazanow, Rochel Pichenik, Menucha Sharfstein, Ari Bari, Dovid Gurary, Nosson Gurary, Dov Kornfeld and Ben Pinkhasov.

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