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Math Concepts

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Mrs. Rubin's 6-8th grade boys have done a serious study of probability this past month. At the end of the unit, the boys designed carnival style games that were based purely on chance. Four games were created that demonstrated key principles of probability including dependent and independent variables and distribution. The games were played on Lag Ba'Omer as part of color war. Afterwards, they were able to calculate the experimental probability of winners and compare it to the theoretical probability they had previously calculated.

Mrs. Rubin's 6-8th grade girls recently finished their unit on geometry. After extensive study of 3-dimensional solids, the girls experimented to determine if there was a ratio between pyramids and prisms. It was surprising to discover that for any given base shape a prism is always three times the volume of a pyramid with the same base and height. Once we determined that ratio, we placed the pyramids inside the prisms and, using food color and light, created a beautiful artistic effect.

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