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Our Mission & Vision


CMCH is an innovative Jewish school serving elementary through middle school children. As a Chabad Community School, we welcome all Jewish children, regardless of background or affiliation. We believe that each child is a unique blessing to our community and essential to our world. The Judaic General Studies teachers work as a team to assist each child in becoming an independent learner and discovering their full potential. This process points the child toward the Torah-given goal of improving oneself and one’s environment in order to reveal the G-dliness hidden within our world.



Our pedagogical philosophy is rooted in recognizing and respecting the profound and inherent value of each child. At CMCH, your children are given unending opportunities to think, observe, question and reflect and then to discover answers for themselves. Learning becomes its own reward, and each success fuels a desire to discover something new. The ultimate discovery is the discovery of their true potential as human beings and as Jews.

CMCH educates and inspires students to be knowledgeable and proud members of the Jewish community with a commitment to making this world a home for G-d, a Dirah B’tachtonim. Students are engaged in their learning and thereby are successfully equipt to be lifelong learners with a devotion to Hashem, the Torah and Am Yisrael. Our students graduate with enduring Jewish identity and Jewish values, with a strong moral conscience driving them to make good choices, and inspired to become role models and leaders in our vibrant Jewish community for generations to come.

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