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Jewish Studies Curriculum


The overall goal of the Judaic program is to give each child a sense of text-based pride in our Jewish heritage and an appreciation of Jewish practices.


The bedrock of Jewish education needs to be Chumash. By giving our students the skills to be able to learn and glean information from the Chumash, we give them the keys to all things Jewish. Students will learn the skills necessary to understand the Psukim &  Rashi as well understanding the mitzvos and values learned from the Torah.


Tefillah is a time for students to not only pray but to learn to use and navigate the Siddur and to understand and appreciate this fundamental part of Judaism.



The students will learn the laws and customs of all Jewish holidays with an emphasis on building a warm feeling towards our history and traditions.



The Code of Jewish Law is our guide for living as Jews from the moment we wake up until the time we go to sleep. Our students will learn these laws and customs and also be shown the relevance and beauty that they bring into our daily life.



When we speak of “Hebrew,” we are referring to the Hebrew used in the Siddur, as well as the modern Hebrew that is spoken in Israel today.

Our students are taught Hebrew as part of their Tefillah and Chumash curriculum and also as a separate subject taught with a full second language curriculum.



Every week students will get the opportunity to explore and find pertinent lessons from the weekly parsha. This is an important bridge between school and home as parents should be asking their children to share with them, on Shabbat, something they learned from the weekly parsha.



Students will learn the stories of Nach beginning with Yehoshua and ending with the building of the second Temple. This will serve as a prelude to the learning of Jewish history that will begin with the second Temple and will continue through modern times.


Students will begin learning Mishna in fourth grade and Talmud in sixth grade. 



Chasiddic philosophy is infused throughout the curriculum. 


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