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 General Studies Curriculum


The curriculum at CMCH integrates the teachings of the Montessori educational philosophy, project-based learning and meeting all of the requirements of the Georgia State Standards/Common Core College and Career Ready along with our Judaic studies.


Within the language curriculum we use literature studies which embeds the vocabulary, language arts and writing. We have a separate writing curriculum from 1st grade thru middle school which empowers young writers and supports highly respected best practices.


Our mathematics program uses the Montessori curriculum to teach and guide students through the various math concepts, by establishing a good foundation of number concepts with the Numeration lessons.  Additional topics covered as part of the math curriculum include: linear counting, place value, computation (four operations), memorization of math facts, geometry, fractions, telling time, counting money, analyzing graphs, measurement, and application word problems. All concepts are taught in a concrete manner using hands-on materials. This approach to learning creates a deeper understanding in the child’s mind and leads to true acquisition of the skill, not simply memorization. In the upper levels the students are using Classroom Mathematics and other supplements to learn math and to create projects that helps them to apply what they are learning.


 Over the course of the year, students learn about the Story of the Stars, the Solar System, the Earth, and the special relationship between the Sun and the Earth. Lessons on Geography, History, Economics, Civics, and Government are also studied within the context of the story where appropriate.  Supplementary aids such as practice with science experiments in our Science Lab, and Science/Social Studies Weekly are used to enhance the lessons within the cultural studies topics.


The physical education curriculum includes a variety of developmental activities emphasizing fine motor and gross motor skill development. The curriculum focuses on movement exploration through various locomotor and non-locomotor experiences. It includes discussion of body awareness/changes, healthy living (nutrition and wellness), first aid, safety, and exercise. It emphasizes physical fitness and a basic application of individual skills within the team sport environment.

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